Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WT.......Here I go

What the.......Am I really going to start Blogging?  Yes, at least I'm going to try. 

Let me start by introducing myself. I am Tami.  I am a mom to 1.  I am a nightowl, regardless of how much sleep I seemed to achieve the night before.  I love to cook, but most of all bake....cupcakes and cakepops the most.  I'm addicted to coffee and redbull even though it makes me tired (how odd is that???)  I love to craft and upcycle things, with that said, I'm a pack-rat.  I always feel there is a new use for everything, Hey, I'm {trying} to work on that! I enjoy the finer things, but hate to spend money, thus my new addiction to subscription boxes.  I just signed up for a few and will be reviewing them here. (Birchbox, ipsy, musthaveglam, and CitrusLane...tho this one is for my nephew so I may not review it.  I will try to get info/input from my sister-in-law to at least give an idea of how she/nephew likes them. As well as other random product reviews. 

So, please join me in some late night posts, ramblings, reviews, deals, recipes and more.